NUI Engine

What is natural user interface?

The term "natural" is a relative graphical user interface (GUI) terms. GUI requires that the user must learn pre-set operations of a software , with NUI people interact with a machine using the most natural forms of communication (such as language and text). Intuitively, computer does not need a keyboard or mouse with NUI. Especially, interactive touch technology will become more natural and intuitive, more humane.

What is natural user interface engine?

Natural user interface engine is a collection of user tracking, gesture recognition, pupil tracking, facial recognition, voice recognition application engine. These engines uses the C++ programming language, in form of dynamic link libraries which can support a variety of software development, game development engines. Developers can use these engine and various natural user interface control technologies to develop application software, for example, you can use gesture recognition and pupil tracking technology to develop the game, voice recognition technology to develop automated software, or some artificial intelligence algorithms to develop human-computer interaction software. These engine is characterized by a complex process to avoid affecting process, signal process, packaging a large number of algorithms, using a variety of natural user interface control technologies, easily available, even for beginners program, you can easily get started, grasp this technology.

IR Simulator

IR Simulator is used for the development of a smart home environment, especially for the current popular smart furniture environment and the actual situation of the integration of virtual design software. Users can use the IR Simulator for basic interior design and layout good furniture placement with various types of sensors (3D camera, 2D camera, microphone, etc.). They can adjust position and range in accordance with the role of the sensor to prevent the user identification occurs outside the range. The range can be obtained in a variety of sensors in IR Simulator virtual data, you can use these data using NUI engine simulation.

This software feature can be used to simulate the fusion of smart home and virtual environments, and can be simulated to test the actual environment, eliminating the need to set in the actual environment to determine the complexity of multiple sensors to identify the scope of work and so on. Natural user interface can improve researchers' study efficiency.